Original water color painting

Size:  14.75″X11″ (paper)   Framed: 20″X16″

“Perseverance” is one of my core values. I believe that the secret of success is the constancy of purpose. Undoubtedly the road to success is fraught with many road blocks and challenges but they can be overcome one at a time. My father used to say, “Focus on one thing at a time.” Just as the rock climber is climbing one rock at a time, similarly we can overcome the difficulties one by one.



Water Color Painting

“Perseverance” is a part of the series on core values. My father used to tell me that the harder I worked the smarter I would get. There’s a lot of truth in that. As you work hard towards accomplishing a goal, you do learn a lot, you do develop self confidence as well as improve your skills & knowledge. As the saying goes, “The secret of success is the constancy of purpose.” So yes, I consider perseverance to be a key ingredient in the road to success.

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