Medium: Semi-porcelain clay & glazes, Year: 2016,

Dimensions: 5X5.5X7″

L’apogée (The Summit) is a series of busts that portray intense expressions of different emotions that one experiences in pursuit of a major objective.  Joy, worry, disappointment, dejection, despair, pensiveness etc.; all of these are a part of our journey to successfully attaining a goal.


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Ceramic sculpture

If you have ever tried to achieve a major objective, you know that it isn’t easy, nor does it come about overnight. Just as you cannot climb the mountain and reach the summit in one day, you cannot accomplish a major goal in one day. It takes huge amount of consistent effort over a long period of time before the goal is attained. Along the way there are days when everything works perfectly and there are days when nothing goes right; there are individuals who are supportive and there are those who turn their backs on you. Eventually when you do attain your goal, think of the price you paid in getting there.

These facial expressions are representative of the journey towards success as we go through the trials and tribulations of moving onward and forward to attain our goal.


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