Golden Memories


Water color painting.

Size: 15″X22″    Framed:  20″X28″

This painting portrays the beautiful landscape of the two countries with whom I have inseparable bond, my birth country India and my chosen country, Canada. In India, I grew up in Rajasthan, a province near the Thar desert. One of my childhood memories is of having a picnic on the sand dunes on a moonlit night. The desert sand felt so cool on a hot summer evening! We would slide down the sand dunes endlessly. As a child my focus was on playing and hence, it stands to reason that on one such occasion I lost one sandal of my relatively new pair of sandals.  Needless to day that my mother was not amused. Soon after I immigrated to Canada, I drove across Canada and had the privilege of seeing the Rocky Mountains. Prior to that, I had never seen the mountains except in photographs. The journey through the Rockies was mystical and magical.



Water Color Painting

“Golden Memories” invites you to enter into the painting. Wander where you mind and imagination take you. Let the memories resurface through this mystical and magical journey. Experience the beauty. Feel the serenity and calm.  Invite a golden future into your life.

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