Water color painting

Size: 11″X14.75″ (paper)     Framed:  16″X20″

“Focused” portrays a bird with a single mission and one pointed focus.  Every year the sandpiper birds come for three weeks and feed in the mudflats of Fundy Bay near Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada. They they fly south undertaking an uninterrupted journey of 72 hours focusing on their final destination. Focus on what you want and give it your 100%. This truly is the secret of accomplishing what you desire in life.



Water Color Painting

“Focused” is a beautiful rendition of a bird in flight. It represents the importance of having a single, one pointed focus in achieving goals. The story of Arjun in the epic Mahabharat is a perfect example of this. Arjun focused only on the eye of the bird when he was asked to pierce the bird’s eye.  He didn’t allow himself to be distracted by the whole bird.  Staying focused on the goal is the key to accomplishing one’s objective.

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