Duck Family Mug

CA$ 40.00 CAD

Do you like to start your day with coffee or tea in a special mug that brings pleasant thoughts to mind? Given a choice, that is what I would do. A good start to the day sets the tone for the rest of the day. Why is a duck mug special? It reminds me of putting family first. Ducks are very protective of their young chicks. The baby ducks follow the mother duck as she protects them, guides them, and teaches them how to survive. This, essentially is what we do as human beings. Family is what we cherish and value the most. And the truth is that when one is sick or dying, no one other than family is there to support.


Porcelain clay, underglazes, and glazes
The Story Behind

Salt Marsh Studio Art Mugs are all hand crafted and hand-painted with unique designs. When you purchase an art mug, you are getting a work of art, not an ordinary run of the mill white mug. In addition, each one has something beautiful and inspiring. I choose designs or motifs that inspire or evoke positive sentiments.

Can you imagine the number of hours or the amount of work that goes in creating a single mug?

Below all the steps involved in creating a single mug are listed.

  1. Roll out the clay
  2. Wait till the clay is leather hard to mold the shape
  3. Make the mug. put the handle.
  4. Fine tune all shape, the rough edges, and ensure all the joints are secure.
  5. Carve and paint the motifs
  6. Let it dry for 3-4 days
  7. Sand the rough edges.
  8. Bisque fire the mug
  9. Wash the mug to get rid of the fine dust.
  10. Put different colours of glazes - 3 coats of each glaze.
  11. Glaze firing

Before and after bisque firing the kiln plaques have to be prepared by sanding and applying a fresh coat of kiln wash.

Now that you know the number of steps involved, you can guess each one takes several hours to make.

Product Detail

Duck Family Mug

CA$ 40.00 CAD

Title: Focus
Medium: Lino cut on Lenox acid free paper
Image size: 12"x12", Paper size: 15"X15.75", Framed: 20"X20"
Year: 2014
This black and white print is a part of the series, "Lessons Learned from Six-year Olds". Each piece is hand-printed by the artist. A portion of the money from the sale of this print is donated to mental health.

Knowing where one wants to go, setting the goal and focusing on it are important in order to succeed. If one can eliminate distractions and stay focused on a single goal, success is not hard to attain. Sometimes it takes a young six-year old to remind us of this. It is based on a true story.  

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