Distant Memories (framed)


Water color painting with double mat.

Paper size: 10.5 X 14.5 “,  Frame size: 16″x20”

Feel a sense of nostalgia as you look at this painting and get reminded of the distant memories, be they of spending beautiful summers with your family or those of your carefree childhood days or those of your beloved native land.



Water color painting

Sitting at the beach, watching the waves roll in and out, I sometimes wonder where does this water go? Which countries does it touch? Does the water of the Atlantic ocean ever touch the waters of the Indian ocean? And I get lost thinking of my native country India. I crossed many oceans to get to Canada and these waters bring back those ‘distant memories’. I am reminded of the haunting melody of the song sung by Roger Whittaker, “Moi j’ai quitté mon pays bleu..”.

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