This line drawing of Zebra is my gift to you. Enjoy coloring it!! Click here to get the image on your screen. Then go ahead and print it.


Color Me – Zebra

I have been doing some line drawings which I think are fun to color. Choose colors that appeal to you and make it your own creation. When I choose colors, somehow my feelings, my mood based on the events of the day affects my choice. All the same, I do find it relaxing and de-stressing. Here’s a line drawing of zebra which you can download and color by yourself or with a friend or with a young child. Just enjoy socializing and chatting while you color.

Lately adult coloring books have become quite popular. This is with good reason. There are many benefits of coloring listed on the website –

10 therapeutic benefits of coloring

  1. Helps de-stress
  2. Activates both parts of the cerebral cortex
  3. Transports back to childhood care-free days
  4. Like meditation
  5. Reduces anxiety
  6. Helps adults re-discover themselves
  7. Helps deal with some diseases, i.e. epilepsy
  8. Sparks creativity
  9. Helps transport to another space & place
  10. Helps re-connect to inner child


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