Born to be Free


“Born to be Free”

Acrylic painting 9″X12″

‘Born to be Free’ conveys a message of hope & courage. Sometimes we find ourselves trapped in the circumstances. The power to change the situation lies within us.

Freedom is a highly desirable thing to have in life – whether it is the freedom to choose your career or your friends or your partner or to spend money or to be free from doing work … it’s something that we all long for. When I see birds or butterflies, I feel they are free to roam, enjoy and experience the world; so are we! It’s a matter of choice. The bold colors, the interplay of irregular shapes and meandering lines conveys a sense of freedom that is waiting to be discovered and experienced.

Yes, it is intimidating and daunting to leave the safety net, to move away from the ‘status quo’ to embrace change. In reality, we are only limited by our own imagination. If we search within ourselves, we will find the courage to pursue our calling.

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“Art, freedom and creativity will change the society faster than politics.” – Victor Pinchuk

I believe we have the freedom to choose, to be who we want to be, to express ourselves creatively for the collective good of the society. This abstract painting coveys a sense of freedom, a desire to explore and experience life fully.


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