Sky is the Limit!

Sky is the Limit - acrylic painting
Sky is the Limit

 Feel inspired by looking at this painting. Let this be a reminder that you are only limited by your imagination. You can accomplish whatever you choose to do.

I strongly believe in the statement of R.W. Emerson that “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us”.  When we have courage and determination, sky is the limit as to what we can achieve.

 This painting has been inspired by the struggles of many foreign students; some I studied with and others I got to know through friends. The challenges that face foreign students are enormous. Many are here not because of rich parents who can afford to send them to a Canadian university, but because they are determined to build a better future for themselves. This painting has been inspired by watching their struggle, their determination to overcome all obstacles, their inner strength and courage to keep fighting against all odds and their strong resolve to find ways of making it work.

 Indeed, this is not just a story of their struggle. It is also the story of my life, your life and that of all us.  I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t faced any challenges in life.

I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from a french university, Université de Moncton. I have acquired other degrees including a Masters degree in Education but this by far has been the most difficult of the degrees to obtain, given that I knew very little French when I began my studies at UdeM. Clearly, life does hurl huge challenges and it’s only through sheer determination, inner strength and courage that we can surmount them.