Set Free!

Set Free - Mixed-media painting
Set Free

If you truly love something, set it free!

This is a thought provoking mixed-media painting about the reality of many immigrant families. When we come to Canada we bring a piece of our culture, traditions and values of our native country. We insist that our children follow the same even though they may be born & brought up here. It is a real struggle when the children want to adhere to the Canadian values, language and traditions and the parents pull them in the opposite direction.

I along with many other immigrant parents have had to face this reality. Gradually I realized that my children didn’t grow up in India, hence it is unfair for me to expect them to have the same values & strong desire to follow the traditions, learn the language and keep the Indian culture alive. I believe that rather than put the heavy burden on our children of maintaining the culture, language and traditions, I would say, “If you truly love something, set it free!”