Feel inspired and special when you beautify your personal space with an original sculpture from the Salt Marsh Studio. Feel happy and proud that you have supported an artist and the arts.

I create each piece lovingly and painstakingly simply because I love working with clay. Clay is tactile & flexible. It responds beautifully to my emotions & gives me a unique way to express the theme.

Creating original art is fun but very labor intensive. From conception to completion, it takes an inordinate amount of time to create a clay sculpture. It took me more than six months to create 52 busts (2 pictured here).

The process begins with a maquette. Then come the decisions about the size of the pieces & the type of clay to be used. This is followed by the creation of actual pieces. There are two firings, a bisque firing and a glaze firing. Before the glaze firing, intensive research is done to test different glazes on test pieces. Finally the glaze firing is done. Apart from the slow and laborious work,  sculpting with clay is fraught with multiple challenges but I adore working with clay.

Created with semi porcelain clay, these busts are unique original art. They will add to the ambiance of your personal space & enhance the aesthetics of your space a notch.