May 7, 2021

Who is Your Hidden Strength?

This is a tribute to all mothers, without whom we wouldn't even be on this planet.

This is a tribute to all mothers without whom we wouldn’t even be on this planet.

Who is your hidden strength?

For me, it is my mother. There are so many things I have learned from her.She was an amazing listener. No wonder, practically all the women in the neighbourhood would come and pour their heart out to her. She was truly hospitable.Anytime anyone came to our house, they were treated to a cup of tea and some snacks. Her love was all encompassing. In 1990 when she came to visit me, in her three months stay, she knew more about the lives of my neighbors and friends than I did. When she was ready to go back to India, my neighbors and friends were all bringing gifts for her. Whoever’s life she touched, they were bound to her by her love. She never wasted anything. She recycled newspapers,old clothes, old pots and pans. When we outgrew sweaters, she would unravel them, wash the wool and reuse it to knit something new. Whenever I felt unsure of myself, she was there to boost my self-confidence. This painting is entitled, ‘Hidden Strength’ because of the important role a mother plays in our lives.

What do you remember about your mother? I would love to know.

My question to you: Why do we stop and honour women only on two days of the year, may be three? Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day and Mom’s birthday?

Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, let’s reflect on this for a moment.What is it that we do on these two days to recognize women? We stop on International Women’s Day, just for that one day to count some of the achievements and we pay a tribute to those women who have changed the course of the history.But in reality, there are so many unsung heroines that we come across in our daily lives who might not have changed the course of the history, but they have certainly changed the course of our lives. Whether they get recognition or not,the truth is that each one of these good women inspires hundreds of other women.

Woman Defined:

This painting, ‘Woman Defined’ displays many of the amazing qualities of women. Creating this painting was a problem-solving exercise. I had to think hard how do I present what a woman’s wonderful qualities are in a single painting? For the story behind this painting click here.

My question to you: What are some of the qualities of women that you admire?Does this painting speak to you?

Wearable Art& Accessories for Home: You know, as artists, we get attached to our creations. I painted this painting and once this original work is purchased by someone who loves it, I will not have any way of remembering it except through a photograph. This painting had turned out better than I had imagined.I wanted others to also have it if they like it.

As women, we like to dress elegantly in beautiful, artistically designed attire. We like to have clothes and accessories that are unique. This notion led me to use some of my paintings for creating wearable art and home accessories.Now, you are the judge. Take a look at my storefront and tell me what you think? Here is the link-

And, yes, if you think any of these items will bring a smile on your Mom’sface and create a beautiful memory, here is a chance to get them at a discount.It’s true that they won’t arrive in time for Mother’s Day, but I think that’seven better. Doesn’t that give you a chance to make Mom happy and acknowledgeher role in your life on a day other than Mother’s Day?

Before I end, let me express my sincere gratitude toyou for taking the time to read this. I would love to know your feedback.

January 31, 2021

Sweetest Little Thing Donation

As an artist, it is important for me to support our local galleries, Struts and Owen's art galleries. They provide various programs for the community members of all ageas while giving much needed support to local artists. I feel fortunate that this fundraiser gives me a chance to share my art with the public and at the same time do a charitable act.

December 31, 2020

Highlights of 2020

In many ways 2020 has been a very challenging year due to the pandemic caused by Corona virus. We have had to make major life style changes in order to stay safe and keep others safe. It has not been possible to connect with friends and family the way we used to. I have missed painting on Thursdays with my artist friends. It has been a challenge to not get together with other artist friends and share ideas with them. Yet, there have been many positives also. It has given me time to reflect, paint and draw more. In this blog post I am sharing some of the highlights of the year 2020.