November 17, 2020

L'esprit Gardien

This triptych creates a sense of hopefulness during desperate times, such as the present time when we are living in the middle of a pandemic. No one knows when this will end. Don’t we all wish for some kind of divine intervention? This painting is a part of the series 'On the Wings of Hope'. It is currently exhibited in the corridor gallery in Shediac, NB.

“L’esprit gardien’ is about remaining hopeful during such difficult times as what we are living through at present.There is a divine spirit, the universal energy that nourishes us and sustains us. I look to draw inspiration from this divine universal spirit to protect me and guide me through the challenging times.  

 This painting was created prior to the pandemic.The idea of facing struggles in life, feeling dejected and depressed is a normal part of life. We look for some divine intervention to keep us going when everything seems to be going wrong. Today, this painting is relevant in the context of the pandemic also.

I like to create an interesting background with several layers of underpainting. I tend to mix figurative elements with abstract brush strokes. I like the contrast this creates. The abstract part makes the figurative part stand out. I like to use mixed media. Collaging fabric and other elements create interesting textures. In this painting you see two figures – a faithful soul counting on the guardian angel’s intervention.The guardian angels come in different forms. One just has to look for the signs and understand that it is the universal spirit providing the needed assistance.  

April 26, 2022

Putting Down Roots

Featuring artwork by Melanie Craig-Hansford, Helga Lobb, Fabiola Martinez, and Indu Varma.

January 1, 2022

Highlights of 2021

Despite Covid-19 induced pandemic, the past year has been a good one in many respects. Having a studio, a space of my own to create art, exhibiting my work, people appreciating and buying my work have been some of the blessings of this year. Looking back on this year, it is clear that it was a fabulous year, a year in which I made progress on many fronts. I improved my skills in ceramics and painting. I created art non-stop because people loved what I was creating, particularly the art mugs and asked for them.