Why art?

This Art & Literacy blog explores some interesting ways to connect art with literacy.

The importance of art is frequently underestimated in a school curriculum. It is seen as a frill & for that reason the funding for art is generally speaking quite dismal.

Art actually focuses on the higher order thinking skill of critical thinking and problem solving. It takes you beyond the basic idea of reading and understanding the meaning, to the more complex skills of reflecting, analyzing, evaluating & problem solving. It actually takes you beyond the basic understanding to critically thinking about how to represent an idea visually. This is easier said than done. Try communicating a message visually about any given topic. Take for example, struggles of life and all the challenges one faces in accomplishing a goal. How would you present that visually? So, I took on this universal theme because I wanted to express the idea that success doesn’t come about without struggle. Goals don’t get accomplished without hardship and sweat. Therein lay the challenge of expressing this whole idea visually through my ceramic sculptures. I had to think hard about how I would express this idea of a journey fraught with challenges, struggle, happy moments & frustrating times. L’Apogee is an ensemble of 52 heads, each expressing different emotions along the journey of accomplishing one’s objective. There are times when you are frustrated and ready to throw in the towel, there are times when you need to analyze and reflect on the path you are taking and there are times when you are elated because everything is falling in place. These heads are a reminder that life presents us with challenges, but these can be overcome with perseverance & fortitude. In the end, we are only limited by our imagination.

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