Most popular pet?

Have you ever wondered about the popularity of pets? Do the pets care if they are popular or is it more of a human phenomena? Does a pet define the owner? Do we own animals as pets for selfish reasons or are we helping them live a fulfilling life?

The dogs & cats, indeed, show signs of being happy with their master but do fish, gerbils, birds or other pets give any indication of being happy? I sometimes wonder how we human beings would feel if some larger creature captured us and kept us in a cage for selfish reasons. How much fun would that be?

I used to think that the most popular pet would have to be dog, simply because having a dog is like having a loyal friend who is always there to welcome you with joy when you come home after a long day or sense your moods and cheer you up or cuddle up with you at home or look after your health as you walk him and be there to protect you. But when I looked at the statistics on the Love Science website, I was surprised to see that the most popular pet in USA is fish. Check out their post  According to Live Science (2013) in USA there are

  • 142 million freshwater fish
  • 88.3 million cats
  • 74.8 million dogs
  • 16 million birds
  • 24.3 million small animals
  • 13.8 million horses
  • 13.4 million reptiles
  • 9.6 million saltwater fish

However, The world statistics are different according to this website –  Dogs do get the first spot according to this website!!

I used to own a dog long time ago and the dog did save my life in a very scary incident! I’ll tell you more about it in the next post.

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