My Dog Saved My Life

My Dog Saved My Life

As a young girl, I grew up in India. The weather is very conducive to playing outside pretty much throughout the year.

One evening my sisters, some friends and I were playing “Satollia”* outside in the neighbor’s garden area. I think I must have been 9 or ten years old at the time. There was a dense hedge at the end of the garden. My faithful dog, Mickey, was also joining us in the fun. Her favorite game was to grab the ball before any of us could get to it.

We were busy playing. Suddenly I realized that Mickey was no longer a participant in our game. Instead I heard loud animal grunts, snarling and threatening barks coming out of her. She was fighting with a snake furiously. This was a very frightening sight, indeed. Mickey had bitten the snake hard and the snake. In the meantime, hearing our cries and the loud animal noises, the gardener came rushing in. He beat the snake with a stick to finish the job that Mickey had started.

Mickey went into a state of shock & was shivering uncontrollably. We quickly brought her to my father who is a doctor. He wrapped her in blankets and gave her some brandy to revive her.

To this day, I have not forgotten that act of faithfulness on the part of Mickey. She put her life on line to save us. That is why we say, “A dog is a man’s best friend!!”

Mine is not a unique experience. “Dogs have proven themselves time and again to be loyal, kind, understanding, and have an indomitable spirit. ….. Whether as an assistant to a shepherd, a strong nose and swift feet for a hunter, eyes and ears for the blind and deaf, or simply a companion unlike any other, dogs help humans with day-to-day tasks, many of which may not be possible without them.” (


*Satollia” is a popular tag game in India. It is played in two teams. Seven rocks are stacked. Hitting it with a ball breaks this stack. The job of all the team players is to stack the seven rocks back up without being tagged/hit by the ball from the opposite team.

Most popular pet?

Have you ever wondered about the popularity of pets? Do the pets care if they are popular or is it more of a human phenomena? Does a pet define the owner? Do we own animals as pets for selfish reasons or are we helping them live a fulfilling life?

The dogs & cats, indeed, show signs of being happy with their master but do fish, gerbils, birds or other pets give any indication of being happy? I sometimes wonder how we human beings would feel if some larger creature captured us and kept us in a cage for selfish reasons. How much fun would that be?

I used to think that the most popular pet would have to be dog, simply because having a dog is like having a loyal friend who is always there to welcome you with joy when you come home after a long day or sense your moods and cheer you up or cuddle up with you at home or look after your health as you walk him and be there to protect you. But when I looked at the statistics on the Love Science website, I was surprised to see that the most popular pet in USA is fish. Check out their post  According to Live Science (2013) in USA there are

  • 142 million freshwater fish
  • 88.3 million cats
  • 74.8 million dogs
  • 16 million birds
  • 24.3 million small animals
  • 13.8 million horses
  • 13.4 million reptiles
  • 9.6 million saltwater fish

However, The world statistics are different according to this website –  Dogs do get the first spot according to this website!!

I used to own a dog long time ago and the dog did save my life in a very scary incident! I’ll tell you more about it in the next post.

Mon Pays

Indu Varma- Inseparable Bond - acrylic painting

Mon Pays

 Exhibition of Ceramic Installation & Paintings

By Indu Varma


Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre
7 Lorne Street
Sackville, NB
E4L 3Z6
(506) 536-1211

June 19-29, 2017

Opening Reception on June 20th 5:00 – 7:00 pm


What has immigrating to Canada meant to me? The recent wave of Syrian refugees has reminded me of my own story when I came to Canada as an immigrant in 1969 at the age of 20 after getting married to a young man who was teaching at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. I immigrated to Canada leaving behind all that was familiar and dear to me, such as, my family, my friends, my favourite places, the colourful clothes, the familiar foods, the language, the music and the art that I grew up with. Here I was, not knowing a soul, not even knowing my husband too well. It was but natural to feel nostalgic, lonely, lost and out of place. And then began the journey of struggle, hard work and survival driven by the need to earn money to visit India regularly, to ensure that my children got to know their grand parents and extended family and more importantly to give my children a good education.

“Mon pays” refers to both countries, my motherland India, where I was born and my chosen country Canada that nurtured me throughout my adult years. I have a very strong bond with both and my identity is influenced by both cultures. This exhibition of paintings and a ceramic wall installation portrays the experiences, emotions and struggles of living between two cultures that are not uniquely mine. The exhibition will run from June 19-29th at Struts Gallery in Sackville. The opening is on June 20th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Why art?

L’apogée - ceramic busts

This Art & Literacy blog explores some interesting ways to connect art with literacy.

The importance of art is frequently underestimated in a school curriculum. It is seen as a frill & for that reason the funding for art is generally speaking quite dismal.

Art actually focuses on the higher order thinking skill of critical thinking and problem solving. It takes you beyond the basic idea of reading and understanding the meaning, to the more complex skills of reflecting, analyzing, evaluating & problem solving. It actually takes you beyond the basic understanding to critically thinking about how to represent an idea visually. This is easier said than done. Try communicating a message visually about any given topic. Take for example, struggles of life and all the challenges one faces in accomplishing a goal. How would you present that visually? So, I took on this universal theme because I wanted to express the idea that success doesn’t come about without struggle. Goals don’t get accomplished without hardship and sweat. Therein lay the challenge of expressing this whole idea visually through my ceramic sculptures. I had to think hard about how I would express this idea of a journey fraught with challenges, struggle, happy moments & frustrating times. L’Apogee is an ensemble of 52 heads, each expressing different emotions along the journey of accomplishing one’s objective. There are times when you are frustrated and ready to throw in the towel, there are times when you need to analyze and reflect on the path you are taking and there are times when you are elated because everything is falling in place. These heads are a reminder that life presents us with challenges, but these can be overcome with perseverance & fortitude. In the end, we are only limited by our imagination.