Inseparable Bond


Inseparable Bond

Acrylic painting, Size: 10″X20″

This painting narrates my immigrant story. By now I have lived in Canada much longer than I ever lived in India. All the same, my Indian heritage, culture, customs and traditions are an integral part of who I am. My Indo-Canadian identity is equally shaped by the decades I have lived in Canada. I have a very strong bond with both countries. It is like having two mothers, one that gave me birth and the other that nurtured me throughout my adult years.

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Acrylic painting

Size: 10″X20″

This painting narrates my immigrant story. The two female figures in the painting represent my two mothers. I was born in India, which is my birth mother. I immigrated to Canada at the age of 20. Canada is my second mother who nurtured me through my adult years. Hence, I have an inseparable bond with both countries.


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