I Scream Happiness


Ceramic sculpture. Ready to hang.

Suitable for a child’s room/home decor.

Medium: Semi-porcelain clay, under glazes &glazes

Dimensions: 13X7X4.5″

Year: 2016


Capture that memory of being a kid when you loved eating ice cream regardless of the season or the time of the day. What a heavenly treat!

The name of ice cream brings a smile on a child’s face.To me, as a child ice cream & happiness were synonymous, hence a pun in the title. My mother made delicious mango & pistachio ice cream. I could never get enough of it! Even as an adult, mango & pistachio are my favorite ice cream flavors.

This piece is created to capture the memory of that beautiful childhood experience. Just look at it and feel happy as you let your imagination journey back to eating ice cream.