Deconstruct, Visualize, Actualize


Article: Black & white print on Lenox acid free paper

Image size: 12″x12″

Paper size: 15″X15.75″

Based on a true story. It is a part of the series, “Lessons Learned from Six-year Olds”. Each piece is hand-printed by the artist. A portion of the money from the sale of this print is donated to mental health.


Deconstruct, Visualize, Actualize- Story & Poem by

Indu Varma

The inspiration for this print and the poem below came from the following true incident.  One day Shaela, my six year old grand daughter came home after her skating lesson. When I asked her what she had learned that day, she said she learned to skate backwards.  I asked her how would one do that. What transpired after that blew me away. She said, “Wait!” She brought a piece of paper and pencil and proceeded to explain the process.  She put an “X” on the paper and said, “This is me.” You can see the X on the print. Then she drew some “C”s and said, “All you do is make “C”s forward and backwards.” She had deconstructed and simplified all the instructions given by the coach, had visualized in her mind what she wanted as results and then it was a matter of simply going ahead and doing it. The message was clear. If only we could deconstruct the steps and visualize what we wish to accomplish, the actualization would be easy! 

Learning something new,                          

Be it a challenge or two.                            

From a child you’ll learn best,

Just go ahead and test.                           

                                                             Easy steps,

                                                              Uncomplicated preps.                                

                                                              Instructions simplified,                            

                                                              Like a child’s mind.                                     


Skating backwards,

Simpler than crosswords.                       

Pretend You’re the ‘X’ here,                  

Over the shoulder you peer.                  

                                                             Just make “C”s,                                                         

                                                             Easy as breeze.                                

                                                             From left skate a “C”

                                                             From right a backward “C”

 Out and in, out and in

Look back, lift your chin.

Smooth curved “C”s,                          

Just make “C”s.

                                                              See things from a child’s eyes,

                                                              Therein the secret lies.

                                                              No task too hard to realize,

                                                              Deconstruct, visualize, actualize!



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