Feel inspired by looking at an original painting that beautifies your personal space. Feel proud & happy when you own an original painting, a unique, one of a kind work of art because you have supported an artist & thus the arts in turn.

For me, art is a creative expression of my innermost sentiments. It is all about making an emotional connection with the subject matter & with you, the viewer/buyer.  When I paint, it is like being in a meditative state.  My paintings are inspired by nature, global phenomena and daily human experiences. Life flows through my art as I attempt to create movement in my work.

I use acrylic & water color paints. Each medium requires its own special technique and presents its own challenges. Water colors take on a life of their own giving you much less control. Acrylic is a more forgiving medium because you can paint over your mistakes but it doesn’t render the soft, gentle nuances.

Choose a painting that will beautifully adorn a wall in your home & complete the room decor while inspiring you & making a statement about your distinctive taste. You are unique and special. So let your uniqueness come through the selection of an original painting from the Salt Marsh Studio.