Welcome to Salt Marsh Studio.

Imagine waking up every morning and feeling inspired by looking at this art work! The feature image here of the painting, “Sky is the Limit” instills hope, determination & enthusiasm to conquer all obstacles and attain your goal. Feel uplifted, excited & ready to tackle anything that comes your way because for you “Sky is the Limit“!!

You might think that a poster can give similar inspirational message, but in all honesty, buying original art is better than purchasing mass produced prints.

Here are ten good reasons for buying original art.  It is unique, timeless, appreciates in value, defines you, adds beauty and character to your personal space, gets noticed & becomes a conversation piece, makes a memorable occasion unforgettable, becomes a treasured gift, gives well-deserved support to an artist and it can be reasonably priced, at least that is the case at Salt Marsh Studio.

I aim to create art that is inspiring, touching and thought provoking. I like to create movement in my art. Life flows through my creations. To me, art is all about making an emotional connection with you, the viewer/buyer and with the subject matter that prompted me to create the artwork. I derive my inspiration from nature, children, people, global events, everyday life and my Indian heritage. 

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Artist: Indu Varma